Thursday, September 30, 2021

How to Deploy Docker Containers into AKS cluster using Azure Pipelines

We are going to learn how to deploy Docker containers into Azure Kubernetes Cluster(AKS) using Azure Build pipelines.


1. AKS cluster needs to be up running. You can create AKS cluster using one of the below options:

2. ACR is also setup in Azure cloud. 
3. Already created Azure DevOps dashboard in 
4. Dockerfile created along with the application source code

How to create a Azure Pipeline

1. Login into your Azure DevOps dashboard
2. Click on Pipelines.

3. Click on New Pipeline

4. Click on use the classic editor
Enter your repo name and branch name where you have stored your source code along with Dockerfile

Click on Continue. Now choose the template by typing Docker, Select Docker container and Apply.

Now pipeline is created with two tasks already. We need to configure it.

Let's modify Build an image task.

Select Push an image task

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