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Create Azure Build Pipeline using YAML | Create Azure DevOps Pipeline | Build Pipelines in Azure DevOps to Deploy into Azure Cloud | How to Deploy Java WebApp into Azure Web App in Azure Cloud

Building pipelines in Azure DevOps is really easy, you can migrate your web applications from any where into Azure Cloud by using Azure pipelines.

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(If you already have a WebApp setup in Azure cloud, move to next step)
You need to create WebApp in Azure Cloud. WebApp is an App service (mostly Platform as a Service) provide by Azure Cloud to migrate any web applications.

Click here to learn how to create WebApp in Azure Portal.

Create Azure Build YAML pipeline in Azure DevOps

Login to Azure DevOps, go to your project dashboard.

Click on Pipelines --> new pipeline

Select GitHub or where ever your source code is 

Select your code repo

Choose the below option --> Maven package Java project web app to Linux on Azure

Choose the azure subscription, click on continue
Enter your Microsoft account details for Azure pipelines to authenticate with Azure cloud for deploying WebApp into App service.

Now choose web app name from the drop down

Click on validate and configure

Now Review Azure pipeline code 
and make sure path of mom.xml is added properly as MyWebApp/pom.xml

Click on Save and Run

Once you save the file, you can confirm by logging into your GitHub repo.

Now Build must be running. Once build is successful, we need to give permission for deployment into Azure. Click on Review

This confirms that webapp is deployed successfully in Azure cloud.

Verify the webapp deployment into Azure cloud

go to App settings of WebApp, copy the URL and enter /MyWebApp


that's it..that is how you deploy Web App from Azure pipelines into Azure cloud.

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