Friday, April 13, 2018

DevOps Interview questions - Top DevOps Interview questions - Latest DevOps Interview Questions - Part 2

Please find more DevOps interview questions..
  1. What is Test Driven Development? How will you implement TDD?
  2. What is the difference between Agile and DevOps?
  3. What are the tools you integrated in pipeline you build?
  4. What are the different plug-ins you used in Jenkins?
  5. What is microservices? How will you create microservices?
  6. How will you dockerize an application? What are the steps?
  7. Have you configured webhooks in ? How will you do it?
  8. What is Jenkinsfile?
  9. What are the DevOps tools you have used?
  10. Why Git is distributed version control system?
  11. How will you set up communication between two systems without password but secure way?
  12. What do you understand by “Infrastructure as code”? 


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