Tuesday, February 5, 2019

AWS MFA enable - How to enable Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for your AWS account? - Enable MFA to AWS account - Secure AWS Account

It is very important to secure your AWS account. Especially for those who is creating new AWS account, as hackers are potentially targeting new accounts.

Let us see the how to secure AWS accounts by enabling multi factor authentication?

1. Login to AWS.
2. Click on your user name. Click on My Security Credentials.

3. Continue to security credentials.

4. Click on Multi-factor authentication, click on Activate MFA

5. Now choose A Virtual MFA device

6.  Click on Next step

7. Now download google authenticator on your smart phone
8. After downloaded, click on + scan bar code. Scan the above bar code.
you need to enter first number and wait until it expires, enter second number in code 2 and then click on Activate Virtual MFA.

9. Once entered both numbers, click on Activate Virtual MFA.

This is how you secure AWS account by enabling MFA.


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