Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Devops Interview Preparation Tips | DevOps Interview Tips | Top 8 Devops Interview Prep Tips

Let us quickly review the steps needed for successful interview experience after Devops course is done. This is based on my personal experience and also my ex-students feedback who had gone through coaching program and successfully placed at various customers all over US.

1. Preparation, preparation and preparation..
  • Plan how you will prepare for the interview. Click here to see the popular DevOps tools list.
  • Have a good resume and review with coach first.. 
  • Start using Devops interview notes...You need to daily refresh all the questions and answers from this document.
2. Apply out of state or out of city positions first
Do not apply local positions at least for your first 5 interviews. You need to get familiar with attending interviews first..So you don't want to loose local opportunity.

3. Do not wait for the perfect time to apply for the job 
Time is now! Sometimes people think that once I am done with this and that, I will start applying for a job. Believe me, that perfect time will never come again..

4. Go extra mile
Prepare outside besides what was given during coaching sessions... You need to master all the interview questions and then start looking at google search or youtube for more on devops interview questions.

5. Share and Network  
Collaborate. Always share interview questions to the group every time you attend interviews. Also try to find answers for every question you don't know answer for. Discuss lab exercises with friends and Collaboration is the key.

6. Be open minded and learn every day
You need to learn new things every day....Always have the willingness to learn new things. You can subscribe to LinuxAcademy for Devops courses.

7. Believe that you are true DevOps champion
If you don't believe, who else can believe? You need to talk DevOps, walk DevOps and sleep DevOps.. You have done all the lab exercises. Not many people out there in the Market know all these tools.

8. Make more mistakes now
Always attend more interviews, face more failures in the beginning. Failures are stepping stone of the success. Learn how to fail in the interview..Then you will always do better job after a few interviews...DO NOT GIVE UP!!!

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