Saturday, July 16, 2022

How to create Web App in Azure Cloud | Create App service in Microsoft Azure

WebApp is an App service provide by Azure Cloud for hosting your application. It supports .NET, Java, PHP,  Python and NodeJS. It is a fully managed Platform as a Serice (PaaS) where developers can deploy mobile or web applications in Azure Cloud.

Steps for Creating WebApp in Azure Portal

1. Now to login
2. Click on App services

3.Click on + Add or click on Create app service

Click on Web App.

Choose your Azure subscription

Create a new resource group(for first time if you create an app service, otherwise you can use existing group name)
Enter App service name(it should be unique)
Publish as Code
Run time stack as Java 11 --> Tomcat 8.5
Operating System as Linux
Region as South Central US or what ever you are close to.
Enter LinuxPlan name
Choose SKU and size as given below:

Choose DEV/Test and use 1 GB memory

Click on Apply
Now click on Apply & Create.
This will take bit time to create the app service. Once WebApp is created, go to resources, click on Webapp name and click on the URL.

You should see the app service home page some thing like below:

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