Tuesday, January 31, 2023

How to Integrate Artifactory with Jenkins | Upload Artifacts from Jenkins to Artifactory | Artifactory and Jenkins Integration

How to Integrate Artifactory with Jenkins?

You can install plug-in called Artifactory plug-in to integrate Artifactory with Jenkins. Let us see how to integrate Jenkins with Artifactory and able to upload any binary file such as War/Ear/Jar/Exe/DLLs from Jenkins.

            go to Jenkins, Manage Jenkins, Click on Available plug-ins, type Artifactory. Click on Artifactory             and click install without restart

  • Configure Maven in Jenkins
Make sure Maven 3 is also configured under Manage Jenkins--> Global Tool configuration
Enter Name as Maven3
/usr/share/maven as MAVEN_HOME

Configure Artifactory in Jenkins:
1. Go to Manage Jenkins, Click on configure system. Look for JFrog section, click on Add JFrog Platform instance

2. Enter some name and Artifactory url like given below. Enter admin user name as ciadmin and admin password of ciadmin user you have configured.

You should get the message like below:

3. Once you configured Artifactory in Jenkins, let us integrate from our Jenkins job.

How to Integrate from Jenkins Job
1. Create a new free style job in Jenkins

2. Provide your repo details to check out the project you want to build

3. Go under Build environment
Select Maven 3 - Artifactory integration check box
and click on refresh Repositories and choose repos as mentioned below:

 4.Click on Add Build step and choose Invoke Artifactory Maven 3

5. Enter value as below, MyWebApp/pom.xml as root POM
and goal as install

6. Now click on Build, Jenkins should build using Maven and upload WAR file into Artifactory.

7. Login to Artifactory, Click on Artifactory --> Artifacts

That's it folks!

Please watch the steps in details in my YouTube channel:

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