Monday, January 16, 2023

How to Create Personal Access Token | Use personal access tokens in Azure DevOps

You can use a personal access token (PAT) as an alternate password to authenticate into Azure DevOps. 

A personal access token(PAT) contains your security credentials for Azure DevOps. A PAT identifies you, your accessible organizations, and scopes of access. As such, they're as critical as passwords, so you should treat them the same way.

Create Personal Access Token

1. Sign into your organization{yourorganization}

2. Click on User settings, Select personal access tokens 

3. Click on New Token

4. Enter a name, select custom defined.

For the scope select Agent Pools (read, manage) and make sure all the other boxes are cleared. 

5. Now copy the token and secure in a place where you can refer it. We will use this when configuring build agent in Azure DevOps

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