Monday, October 9, 2023

How to Recover Artifactory Admin password | Artifactory admin password unlock | Forgotten Artifactory Admin Password | How to Recover Artifactory admin password

Let's say you have forgotten Artifactory admin password. How to reset or retrieve Artifactory admin password? Here below are the steps for resetting Artifactory admin password:

Please follow the steps to recover Artifactory Admin password:


Steps to reset Artifactory Admin password:

1. Login to Artifactory instance. Navigate to below directory:

cd /opt/jfrog/artifactory/var/etc

2. Create a file called bootstrap.creds under access directory

sudo vi access/bootstrap.creds

3.  Add  below entries:


4. Make sure the file has relevant permissions: 

sudo chmod 600 access/bootstrap.creds
sudo chown artifactory:artifactory access/bootstrap.creds

5. Restart Artifactory service (you need to stop the service first and then start again)
sudo systemctl stop artifactory.service
sudo systemctl start artifactory.service

6. Check the status if Artifactory is working fine
sudo systemctl status artifactory.service

7. You can also check the logs

sudo tail -f /var/opt/jfrog/artifactory/log/artifactory-service.log

8. Now login with changed admin credentials

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