Thursday, May 23, 2019

Welcome To DevOps Coaching - Useful links & pre-requistes

Welcome to DevOps Coaching Program!!. Please go through the useful links before joining session.

Please click the below link to learn more about coaching model:


Also, do the following to secure your account:

Learn bit more about AWS -  Introduction in 10 mins..

Why we need DevOps? Why companies are migrating to Cloud/DevOps?

If you are new to IT, please learn more about Agile, DevOps from the below links: - nice read on DevOps

What is DevOps

Difference between Waterfall and Scrum 
Top 10 DevOps tools to learn in 2020

Top DevOps Skills for 2021 | Skills required to become a DevOps engineer


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  3. #DevSecOps...!

    Sir, please make a video on jenkins image scanning , security, .... etc

    Thanking you in advance sir,


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