Thursday, May 23, 2019

Welcome To DevOps Coaching - Coaching Pre-requistes and some Agile and DevOps concepts basics links

Welcome to DevOps Coaching Program! Thanks for showing interest in joining the program. Please go through the useful links before joining the coaching sessions live with Coach.

Please click the below link to learn more about How the coaching program works.


Once you create AWS account, GitHub and Bitbucket account using the above links, do the following to secure your AWS account:

Learn more about AWS cloud in less than10 mins..

Basic concepts to go through before you attend classes:

Why we need DevOps? Why companies are migrating to Cloud/DevOps?

If you are new to IT, please learn more about Agile, DevOps from the below links: - nice read on DevOps

What is DevOps

Difference between Waterfall and Scrum 
Top 10 DevOps tools to learn in 2023

Top DevOps Skills for 2023 | Skills required to become a DevOps engineer


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  3. #DevSecOps...!

    Sir, please make a video on jenkins image scanning , security, .... etc

    Thanking you in advance sir,

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