Monday, January 14, 2019

Pre-requisites before starting the DevOps Coaching

Please Watch the video first before you get started:

1. Create an account in Set that as basic free tier account (personal account). role as developer or anything. You need to enter credit card info. But that’s fine, they won’t charge you except $1.
Sign up free account.

Select Basic Plan..Do NOT select developer plan unless you would like to pay every month.

2. Create an account in and
You can sign up using your email.

3. Start learning Linux Basics 
    Sign up for Linux Basics courses in

4. Learn Agile/DevOps

5. If you are using windows laptop, Install Git client on your laptop by downloading from

Click on download, once downloaded. Go to downloads directory and click on the EXE.
Choose all options by default by clicking on Next and NExt

6. Only if you are using Macbook pro or iMac desktop, please download iTerm from for windows laptop, ignore this step.
Download the iTerm2**.zip file and install iTerm on Mac.


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