Friday, July 9, 2021

DevOps Coaching and AWS/Azure Cloud computing Program - FAQs

1. How many weeks is this DevOps Coaching program ?

    8 weeks program, to know more about the program, click here.

2. It is online or in-person class?

    Online only (using Zoom) currently due to Covid-19

3. What are the schedules for next batches?

    Click here for the schedules

4. Can anyone do this program and become successful? 

    Yes, any one can do this program and become successful if you are willing to follow coach's direction and mentorship and willing to put efforts in learning and be committed to this program.

5. Do I need to have some experience in IT?

   Not really, if you have any experience in IT it helps. but it is not mandatory. You can learn basics of Agile or software development life cycle by self learning. 

6. Is the Coaching program lab oriented?

   Yes, purely lab oriented coaching

7. Do I get help in preparing my resume?

   Yes, the Coach will assist you in preparing your resume.

8. Do I get any help or tips in preparing for the DevOps interview?

   Yes, Coach will provide necessary documents, tips or guidance in preparing for DevOps interview.

9. What is the course fee ?

10. What are the modes of payment?
     Zelle, Cash App or PayPal

11. Where we will do our learning and lab exercises?
       You will be learning DevOps, Cloud computing on AWS and Azure Cloud environments. 

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