Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Shell Script for creating AKS Cluster and Azure Container Registry | Setup ACR and AKS Cluster in Azure Cloud using Azure CLI and Script


# This is the shell script for creating AKS cluster, ACR Repo and a namespace

#Create Resource Group



# Set Cluster Name


# set ACR name

ACR_NAME =myacrrepo531


# Create Resource Group

az group create --location ${AKS_REGION} --name ${AKS_RESOURCE_GROUP}

# Create AKS cluster with two worker nodes

az aks create --resource-group ${AKS_RESOURCE_GROUP} \

              --name ${AKS_CLUSTER} \

              --node-count 2 \

# Create Azure Container Registry

az acr create --resource-group ${AKS_RESOURCE_GROUP} \

                     --name ${ACR_NAME} \

                     --sku Standard \

                     --location ${AKS_REGION}

Providing required permission for downloading Docker image from ACR into AKS Cluster

az aks update -n ${AKS_CLUSTER} \
                        -g ${AKS_RESOURCE_GROUP} \ 
                         --attach-acr ${ACR_NAME}

# Configure Kube Credentials

az aks get-credentials --name ${AKS_CLUSTER}  --resource-group ${AKS_RESOURCE_GROUP}

# Create a namespace in AKS cluster for Helm deployment

kubectl create namespace helm-deployment

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