Tuesday, April 4, 2023

SonarQube Server Cannot be reached Error Resolution | SonarQube Troubleshooting

How to Resolve SonarQube Server cannot be reached Error?


Sonarqube was configured manually by downloading zip file. This instructions will not address for SonarQube that was configured by Docker compose.

Let's see how we can resolve the error:

Solution # 1
Your sonar.properties may not be setup correctly. It could be due to three different reasons: 1. verify below sonar.properties sudo vi /opt/sonarqube/conf/sonar.properties uncomment the below lines by removing # and add values highlighted yellow sonar.jdbc.username=sonar sonar.jdbc.password=password Next, uncomment the below line, removing # sonar.jdbc.url=jdbc:postgresql://localhost/sonarqube
Solution # 2

Make sure you have setup Postgres SQL correctly.
2. Switch to sql shell by entering psql Execute the below lines (one by one) ALTER USER sonar WITH ENCRYPTED password 'password'; CREATE DATABASE sonarqube OWNER sonar; GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE sonarqube to sonar; \q type exit tom come out of postgresSQL.
Solution #3
3. Make sure you have setup sonarqube as a service properly. Execute the below command: sudo vi /etc/systemd/system/sonar.service # copy the below green highlighted commands in the above file [Unit] Description=SonarQube service After=syslog.target network.target [Service] Type=forking ExecStart=/opt/sonarqube/bin/linux-x86-64/sonar.sh start ExecStop=/opt/sonarqube/bin/linux-x86-64/sonar.sh stop User=root Group=root Restart=always [Install] WantedBy=multi-user.target

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