Thursday, November 19, 2020

Slack Azure DevOps Integration | How to Integrate Slack with Azure DevOps | Send push notifications from Azure pipelines to Slack

Slack is popular collaboration tool used at work by many companies. Slack can be integrated with CI tools such as Jenkins, Azure DevOps(VSTS). We will see how to integrate with Azure Build pipelines. 

1. Azure pipelines setup
2. Slack channel setup
Azure DevOps & Slack integration steps
1. Go to and sign in to workspace.
2. Go to channel where you would like to receive push notification from Azure DevOps. Click on more and Add apps

3. Add Visual Studio Team Services App

4. Add Configuration

5.  And then select channel to post notification and add the channel

6. In Azure DevOps Dashboard, click on Project settings.
7. Click on Service Hooks tab and then click create subscriptions button to add a new service hook.

8. Select Slack from the list of services, and press the Next button.

9. On the Trigger screen, choose the event that you’d like to trigger the notification, and add any filters. Press the Next button to continue.

10. On the Action screen, add the URL as the Slack Webhook URL and press Finish when you are done.

Now whenever Azure pipelines runs any builds, it will send push notifications to the Slack channel. Please watch the above steps in YouTube channel:

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