Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Provision Ubuntu 18.0.4 EC2 Instance | How to create EC2 instance in AWS console | Launch Ubuntu 18.0.4 instance in AWS

What is EC2 instance? 
It is virtual server provided by AWS. We will be using this EC2 to install Java, Jenkins, Tomcat, Maven. We will be using this as a CI server. Please follow the below steps to create an EC2 instance.

1: Login to AWS console by clicking this link -->  https://aws.amazon.com/console/
click on All services, Click on Compute -->  Click on EC2

2. Click on Launch instance. Choose an Amazon machine image (AMI), click next

3. Type Ubuntu Server and select 
Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS (HVM), SSD Volume Type as shown below:
click next

4. choose an instance type as t2.small, 2GB memory. click next
5. Enter number of instances as 2 as you need one for Jenkins and another one for Tomcat

6. Leave values to default in step 4. click next

7. enter tag name in step 5. Click to add a Name tag. it can be something like EC2.
click next:configure Security Group

8. Click create new security group, give name as MyES2SG, add custom rule for 8080, allow as source IP

9. Click on Review and launch

Click on Launch

10. Choose the existing key pair if you have one, otherwise create new one, give some name as myEC2Key. Make sure you download the key in your local machine. Please do NOT give space or any character while naming the key.

10. Click on launch instance, Scroll down and click on view instances.

Connect to EC2 instance from local machine:
Please click the below link to understand the steps for connecting to EC2 instance from your local machine - windows or Apple laptop.


Watch here for live demo:

This completes our first lab exercise :-)

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