Thursday, April 9, 2020

Trigger Jenkins Job from Slack - How to Trigger Jenkins Job from Slack | Slack Jenkins Integration

Jenkins job can be triggered in many ways using poll SCM, webhooks. Well, you can also trigger a Jenkins job from Slack as well.  We will be leveraging Slash commands feature from Slack.

Slash Commands allow users to invoke your app by typing a string into the message composer box.

Make sure you have already created a channel in Slack.

Steps in Jenkins:

Create a Token for the build job you want to trigger from Slack
Go to Jenkins --> Click on the Job you would like to trigger from Slack --> Configure
Go to build triggers section.

We will be using the following URL to trigger builds from Slack

Allow anonymous read only access
Go to Manage Jenkins --> Configure Global security, click on Allow anonymous read only access.
Apply, Save.

Steps in Slack:

1. Go to the channel from where you would like to trigger builds.
2. Channel settings --> Click on Integrations --> Add an app

Type slash commands and add it

Click on view in app directory

Click on Add to Slack

Enter a command - single word something like /build (it should be one word no spaces or characters)

Click on Add Slash command integration
Enter Jenkins URL, like mentioned above -

Method as GET

and scroll down click on the check box like below

And click Save Integration

Go to channel, enter the command as shown below:

and press enter

Now your build job should run instantly in Jenkins. 

You can watch the steps in my YouTube channel as well:


  1. great one.. helped it when i was stuck and getting "http_client_error" due to Jenkins Global Settings access.


  2. I am facing issue with "http_client_error" in Jenkins can please help me how to resolve this issue

  3. Hi! Can you make tutorial how to use build Jenkins pipeline with parameters from Slack?

  4. Hi i got error /demobuildaut failed with the error "dispatch_failed" when i hit in slack, can you help?


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