Saturday, May 2, 2020

Docker Jenkins Integration | Building Docker Images using Jenkins | How to automate Docker Images creation using Jenkins

Every time developer makes code changes, you would want to Jenkins to automate Docker images creation and pushing into Docker registry. Let us see how to do this.

Jenkins is up and running
Docker is installed in Jenkins machine. Click here to learn how to install Docker. 

Docker plug-in installed in Jenkins.
Docker pipeline plug-in installed in Jenkins.


Add jenkins user to Docker group
sudo usermod -a -G docker jenkins

Restart Jenkins service
sudo service jenkins restart

Reload system daemon files
sudo systemctl daemon-reload

Restart Docker service as well

sudo service docker stop
sudo service docker start
Watch the above steps in YouTube video


  1. this is what i am looking for, thank you sir

  2. Why can't i run above commands in my mac?

  3. How you'll integrate if Docker is installed on different ubuntu VM?


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